Telemarketing (Cold calling) Power Selling

Telemarketing (Cold Calling) Power Selling

telemarketing Make the phone your most valuable partner

The problem

The greatest problem of every salesman is prospecting. A continuous procedure and certainly the most important of all the sales stages.
At the same time , telephone is proven to be the most convenient and costless way to communicate with leads to start a sales sequence.
So what you must to is to use it smart, with method and structure, in order to return instant and true profits. Even if you are a freelancer, retailer or businessman, phone can be your most precious ally in your niche. Perhaps will be also proven to be your strategic advantage against your competition.


The target

Outcomes from calling prospects and potentials or even partners, are many. You can get in touch with prospects you want, in your area or your niche or even specific age range p.e. This means great time and money saving.
Cold calling has no big cost but a few lines  and a minimum equipment requirement. Also it’s adjusted every time to your needs and targets.

The method

For a successful effort the following are a must :
1. The person ( or the team) who makes the calls
2. The strategy and the preparation which contains the training, the targeting , the rejection handling etc.
3. The feedback and adjusting targets procedure
Cold calling can be a continuous and stable way of approaching prospects but also to servicing customers for exploiting more sales. It needs however specific training and proper designing of one or more calling campaigns.

Who interests

The training unit  Telemarketing Power Selling is addressing to :
> Insurance agents, managers and general agents.
> Financial advisers and brokers
> Real estate agents
> Salespeople of all kind ( retail or wholesale)
> Businessmen ( and women) who want to increase sales instantly and costless
> Net workers in the Multi Level Marketing industry
> Free lancers of all types


1. 8 Hours Basing training containing the following parts:
Create the right targets for caold calling
The fear on the phone
How to make a great entrance
Handling rejection
Organizing time and space
Communication skills
How to use effectively the CRM
Live testing calls with speaker on
Handling the call with each trainee (one to one true calls)
2. Implementing theory support period for 1 month  meaning 4 weekly webmeetings 1 hour duration each :
Supporting the practice and the target accomplishing.
Exchanging opinions after practice
Adjusting targets
Over 12 hours true training and supporting  through 30 days period, in order the method to become a habit and enjoy results.

If you want more on this training and future enrolling dates and fees, please insert your details and will send you shortly all the information.