How we help

Sales and support training programs

We present you our services to help you increase your productivity and results achievement in short period term and boost your business in a new perspective.
See below all the training options and check whichever is more needed for your business.
If you feel that you need something else, we can design together your special training program based on your needs and targets. Also if you prefer specific support for you or a partner, you can find out more on business coaching and how it can help you and lift off your life and dreams.

Telemarketing Power Selling
Telemarketing (Cold Calling) can be a stable prospecting way but also an after sales service resource producing more revenues. In order to establish this consistent and well tuned procedure, a well designed training and campaign targeting is important.
Endless leads for ever
Απεριόριστοι πελάτες
This sales training aims to revive the salespeople and offer a new aura and tools to work with. This course is approaching sales with new spirit and supports salesmen empowering self esteem opening the door to a new career.
E-Learning για πωλητές

The demanding need for training professional salespeople in distant places or with limited time, drove us to the decision to create a new series of e-learning courses. You can access all the knowledge investing less time and money and saving much effort form avoiding traveling.
Basic workshop for Agents & Brokers
This training is appropriate not only for Το σεμινάριο αυτό απευθύνεται τόσο σε εντελώς νέους ασφαλιστικούς συμβούλους αλλά και σε όσους είναι ήδη ασφαλιστικοί σύμβουλοι, πράκτορες ή διαμεσολαβητές και θέλουν να μάθουν πως θα επανεκκινήσουν τη καριέρα τους.
Business Coaching
Every businessman, executive or freelancer, pursuing success and accomplishing targets sometimes loses path and focus. The extremely competitive market environment and the complexity of procedures makes it easy to lose control. There is needed the business coaching and that's why most successful people use business coaches worldwide.