webinar salesE-Learning for sales

The problem
More than ever salespeople  need support and knowledge. Market is changing and competition is rising every day. So every salesman must always try to self improve in order to stay in the market and increase income.This is the only way to multiply the clientele and attract new clients.
At the same time there is a lot of consideration on costs, time management and flexibility. Those concerns made us to decide and launch an e-learning program for salespeople .

Internet is offering a lot of solutions for education, training and coaching and so to  cutting costs, gaining a lot of time and effort. Also this way knowledge can be accessible to many people worldwide. However this communication must be done professionally and with active engagement form the learners.

Our long time experience on web based learning guarantees the maximum results through this channel for salespeople, entepreneurs, freelancers, net-workers and everyone pursuing great results.

The method

We present a series of webinars addressing all the main sales questions such as :
> how can i have always prospects?
> how can i reach them effectively and prepare a sale?
> what must i do to manage time for success?
> how can i contact a perfect presentation and close the sale successfully?
> how can i retrieve proper prospects from clients?
> what i must do to offer great after sales service and cross sell to clients?
and many more that every salespeople must know and act on to have a great career

This on line training is available for small groups of maximum 20 persons , to ensure a direct and effective communication and feedback.ή.

Addressing to
This webinar series is for  :
– Every salespeople in retail or wholesale sector
– Insurance Agents and managers
– MLM networkers and managers
– Real Estate Agents
– Entrepreneurs
– Businessmen
there are 4 different units concerning all sales stages. Every candidate has the choice to attend one or more, depending on his needs.

For all candidates attending all 4 units , and after a special assessment, a certificate of achievement will be available.

> Full notes, the complete telemarketing guide, the special table of retrieving prospects
> All webinars are recorded for future reviewing .
> Certificate of completion the course

The duration of each weekly held webinar is 90 minute approximately. So the total of 4 webinars is 6 hours.  The initial course is completed in 4 webinars , one every week . Usual days of  training is Wednesday afternoon but the exact hour is set differently for each country and international candidates.

The support
For the participant to all 4 webinars, a support period of 4 weeks starts right after the end of the basic program. Through this period support will be provided on implementing all  the knowledge delivered. The support will be provided through 4 weekly webinars of 60 min. each. During those all questions will be answered and we’ll exchange opinions, experience and ideas to complete the education and to make it a high professional working habit.

Instructor  for this course is Thomas Slamaris, an experienced trainer and coach for whom you can see a short resume here.

For more information on this E-Learning series and future dates and hours, please contact us.