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What’s the secret to success?
Which is the recipe for endless sales and profits?
How can you succeed a dynamic career with increasing income?

All the above questions are occupying the mind of every salesman, entrepreneur, executive or businessman. There are many experts who wrote all the answers and many books are published on these issues. Although there are no secrets anymore many people are struggling to distinguish and create a successful career. This happens because the secret is not in the ingredients of the recipe but in executing it.
The correct practice is what most people find difficult to go through
The correct practice needs besides knowledge, time and method.
For those reasons, the training concept we call “iwant2help” offers tools and power to trainees to turn them into action. With immediate practice and familiarization in successful methods, the participants enjoy specific and measurable results.
For instance when someone wants to learn driving, it wouldn’t be enough by showing to him a how-to video or a presentation. Someone must show him how is done and which methods to follow in order to be learned correctly after some attempts. Else, repeated failure will lead to abandoning the attempt and establishing a lower self esteem and a “can’t do” feeling.

We, the “iwant2help” team, want for the trainees, not only to get to know new methods, but to implement all the knowledge and realize the difference. We want them to have instant and specific results, changing for the better every deteriorating practice.

“My target is to help professionals and entrepreneurs to define their goals and to achieve them enjoying the “ride”. Responsibility, sincerity and  professionalism are absolutely essential for me but also innovative thinking ‘out of the box’ to offer real help”

For whoever really wants to succeed, failure is not an option.
Success is only a matter of time.

Thomas Slamaris                                             September 2014
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